The Cavallini Co., Inc. offers complete stained glass services, one being leaded glass window protective covering or faceted glass window protective glazing. A significant amount of damage to art glass windows is preventable with the use of protective glazing. Due to risks ranging from weather conditions to vandalism, it is always wise to include a protective covering over your leaded glass windows. The Cavallini Co., Inc. has been providing church stained glass window protection for over 40 years.

Materials used vary based on the situation. In some situations, a frame must be fabricated to be installed over the existing stained glass church window. In other situations, protective glazing can be sized to fit the existing frame. If possible, it is best to install a double glazed stained glass frame that has a space for both the leaded glass window and the exterior protective glazing.

There are several critical factors that the Cavallini Co., Inc. keeps in mind.

  1. Strength: The protective glazing used by Cavallini Co., Inc. varies depending on the situation. Most common materials include:
    1. ¼” “Hybrid Plexiglas” protective glazing. This “Hybrid Plexiglas” protective glazing is recommended because it is approximately 5 to 10 times more resilient than normal Plexiglas and does not yellow like Lexan.
    2. 1” Insulated Tempered Glass. Tempered glass is recommended because of its durability and ability to insulate the weather conditions between interior and exterior environments to minimize heat transfer.
    3. Stained Glass Aluminum Frames / Stained Glass Wood Frames. The material that will compose the stained glass protective covering frames depend on the preference of the church and weather factors. Typically if the church is not looking to restore older leaded glass wooden frames and keep the same wood look, we will install aluminum stained glass window frames.
  2. Ventilation: Due to the difference in interior temperatures and exterior temperatures, it is common for condensation to form around windows. To prevent any damage caused by this condensation, installation of vent hoods, weep holes, and/or vented frames are always included./li>
  3. Design Obstruction: It is important to account for the design elements of the window and the architecture of the frame. While installing the church stained glass protective glazing, the Cavallini Co., Inc. incorporates the tracery and t-bars of the existing frames in the protective glazing frames, or within the sized to fit protection glass.

We are honored to have the opportunity to protect your beautiful antique stained glass windows so that future generations will be granted the privilege to enjoy and learn from them.