Our hours of operation are Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. Masks and Temperature checks are required upon entry into our store. Appointments are not necessary, however available by request. For Repairs and drop off's, as well as Curbside/Contact- less pickups, we have an area to the left on the south side of our building near the cones. Please call us at (210) 733-8161 and someone will come out to you. Thank you for your continued support

The Cavallini Co., Inc

The Cavallini Co., Inc. is proud to be the oldest family owned and operated stained glass studio in San Antonio, now on the 3rd generation. We specialize in all things stained glass related. The Cavallini Co., Inc. has been operating since 1953. Our original exclusive craft was stained glass mosaics, where we offered all design, fabrication and installation services. Our studio later branched out into designing, manufacturing and installing church stained glass windows and other custom stained glass windows. Soon after, our studio began supplying and installing protective glazing / protective window coverings and completing historic restoration of stained glass windows. Today, we also wholesale stained glass products to hobbyist and businesses. With over 65 years of experience, the Cavallini Co., Inc. is your most trusted one stop shop for all things stained glass.

The Cavallini Co., Inc. has been providing stained glass for San Antonio for 65 Years. Our studio also provides stained glass in Austin, stained glass in Houston, stained glass in Dallas, stained glass in Fort Worth, stained glass in El Paso, stained glass in McAllen, stained glass in Corpus Christi, and the surrounding areas. We have been proudly serving Texas and the Surround states including: New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Colorado, & Arkansas. It's likely that if you are wondering to yourself if there is anyone that does stained glass near me, or if there is a stained glass company near me, it's more likely that not that we've completed a project nearby if you're in an area we serve.

Religious Glass Artwork Here at Cavallini Co., Inc., we know how important it is to have nothing but the highest quality design, craftsmanship, and installation in your beloved place of worship. We produce beautiful windows meant to outlive their makers, but it is our mission to create a deeper meaning behind each windows’ design. For over 65 years, we have been perfecting our processes to ensure that our artwork will enhance the spiritual experience. We are driven to produce the most harmonious results based on architectural style and liturgical appointments of the structure. Our staff’s knowledge of scripture and iconography grants our studio a favored position in generating meaning within the design and to the overall appearance. For more information on our approach to creating religious glass artwork, click here.

Below are the services we offer. For more information on each, click on the links below:

Church Stained Glass Windows / Custom Religious Stained Glass Window

Custom Mosaic Art Glass Murals

Custom Faceted Glass Window / Dalle De Verre

Custom Etched Glass Window

Stained Glass Protective Glazing / Stained Glass Protective Covering / Stained Glass Protective Frames

Stained Glass Restoration / Stained Glass Conservation / Stained Glass Repair

Residential Decorative Glass The Cavallini Co., Inc. has been serving homeowners by improving the beauty and uniqueness of their home. We have completed stained glass windows in San Antonio, stained glass windows in Houston, stained glass windows in Dallas, stained glass windows in Austin, and the surrounding areas. We design based on the interior and exterior elements of the home as well as the customer’s personal style. We are able to include colored stained glass or clear textured glass for the aesthetic beauty. Aside from beauty, stained glass windows for your home can make the window completely private. Below are the residential stained glass that we offer. For more information on each, click here.

Custom Stained Glass for Home

Stained Glass Window for Transom

Stained Glass Window for Sidelight

Stained Glass Window for Door light

Stained Glass Cabinet Insert

Stained Glass Kitchen Window

Stained Glass Entryway Window

Stained Glass Bathroom Window

Stained Glass Pantry Door

Commercial Decorative Stained GlassCavallini Co., Inc. fabricates commercial stained glass windows in all styles of stained glass.

Hospital Stained Glass: We have completed many stained glass projects in hospitals, especially in stained glass for chapels. We understand how important it is to create a feeling that depicts the healing process when completing artistic works in hospitals.

Restaurant Stained Glass: Our studio has also helped to give restaurant’s customers a “Wow!” factor by recreating their logos in stained glass. Stained Glass is unique in that it can be made to depict anything one can imagine.

Hotel Stained Glass: Stained glass for hotels can create a unique experience for one’s guests. Using stained glass in hotels can create a hospitable message that leaves your guests with a pleasant viewing experience.

Brewery Stained Glass: A trip to the local brewery is all about the experience of enjoying time with friends & perfectly crafted beers. Stained glass for a brewery will add additional value in the viewing experience of a visit. The customizable nature of stained glass gives our studio the ability to create one of a kind pieces that one has not experienced elsewhere.

Office Stained Glass: Office leaded glass panels can help to relieve the dullness that is typical in an office setting. Stained Glass for offices can incorporate a business’s logo or other important symbols to the business.